Let's Dance!

Datana Artemis
What's a party without some exultant dancing?

We offer theme dance party instruction in a variety of dance styles for every age, body type and taste. The actual movement portion of the party is taught be a certified Fantasy Fitness™ Dance Leader. It lasts about one hour and is meant as a sampler class designed to add to the vibrancy and jubilance of your party theme without exhausting your guests' energy or patience. It includes a bit of history and trivia on the dance form, an exhilarating and deep warm-up, elemental dance moves and isolations, use of dance props, plus a fun-to-follow choreographed routine, ending with a luxuriously relaxing cool-down.  

Should you find yourself hooked on any of the dance styles you encounter, we offer 6-week series classes with a new routine taught each 6 weeks ~hint hint nudge nudge~ 

{barefoot sandal icon denotes a low-impact barefoot style of dance} 

Genie Bellydance — This ultra feminine dance style provides a healing and invigorating massage to the dancer's core while improving strength, flexibility and coordination. You'll find 'moves' you never knew you had in you. [Class may include use of coin hip scarves, zills (finger cymbals), veils, skirts, hip belts]

Bollywood Blast — This infectiously fun dance craze gets you smiling as much as shaking and shimmying. Be prepared to smile while bouncing with joy! [Class may include use of coin hip belts, zills (finger cymbals), shawls, bangles]

Island Drums — Succumb to the call of the drums in this intoxicating Polynesian form of storytelling. You will feel rejuvenated, inside and out. [Class may include use of lavalava (pareo), grass skirt, lei, flower for hair, floral wreath, shell anklet, coconut bra, hand tassels, headdress, tea leaf belt]

Flapper Charleston — Nearly a century after its advent, few dances can rival the flat-out fun of the Charleston. Get ready to wiggle to some of the keenest music of the Jazz age. [Class may include use of ultra-long strands of twirlable pearls, Flapper headband, fringe] 

Wandering Gypsies — This nomadic folkdance form originated in India then made its way through the Middle East and Russia to land in eastern Europe - it's a true salmagundi of styles. [Class may include use of bell anklets, tambourine, fringed body veils, head scarves]

Salsa Picante  — Before there was Zumba there was Salsa. Latin dance relaxes and liberates the hips and limbs. Yep, we're bringing sexy back. [Class may include use of handkerchief skirt belt, a-line top ruffles, handkerchief, flower for hair]

Burley-Q classic striptease — learn how to peel with appeal in this peekaboo routines that simply teases the imagination [Class may include use of opera gloves, gigantic fan, feather boa and byo stockings]

Carnevale Fever — Get the body and 'booty' you've always dreamed of while moving to the irresistible frenzied beat of Samba. [Class may include use of fringed hip belt, headdress, arm ruffles, choker]

Moulin Rouge Can-Can — Think you can't dance like a high-stepping French showgirl? Yes you can-can! Kick up your heels while getting ooh-la-la legs in this jubilant joyous genre. [Class may include use of can-can skirt, bloomers, feather head-piece, byo shoes or granny boots]

You Go-Go Girl! — A fun waist-trimming core workout complete with Hula Hoop [Class may include use of Go-Go boot shoe covers, huge earrings, shift dress, mod belt, legging covers, wigs, sunglasses, head bands]

Castanets  — This snappy, sultry Flamenco class will get your feet moving and Latin heart pounding [Class may include use of Spanish fans, ruffled skirt wrap, ruffled top, decorative hair comb .... and, of course, castanets]

Calypso Crazy  — Let loose Trinidad style in this freeing freeform funfest. [Class may include use of shac-shacs (maracas), layered calico headdress, layered calico skirt, fringed hat, knee & elbow fringe, chunky bead bracelets ]

Mermaid - aquatic dance 
Naiad aquatic dance