Planning Your Party

Anyone who's ever put on a party knows that much more goes into it than guests could ever imagine. Our Soiree Mistresses not only take the work and worry out of the process for hostesses, but they infuse the proceedings with magic and joy.

Once you've decided on your dream theme, your Soiree Mistress can help you plan everything from soup to nuts including decorations, menus, lighting. Plus, she'll have a soundtrack with her as well as other mood-makers to set the tone and transport your guests.

Fete Fees
  • Basic bash — $150 for 6-10 guests, $15 per additional guest after #10
  • Optional theme dance instruction — $100 for 6-10 guests, $10 per additional guest after #10 (combined with the basic party package, this represents a discounted price of the usual $15 per guest) 
  • Bonne Bouche Bags (themed take-home goodies for each guest) —Market Price as selected by hostess; example: a genie party may offer a coined hip scarf, finger cymbals, bangle bracelets etc.
  • Superlative craft option — Market Price, for the hostess who wants to go all out and invite her guests to create something exquisite they'll treasure or wear for ages 

  • 1.5 hours for basic party
  • 1 hour for dance option
  • 30-45 minutes for munchies
  • a few minutes for questions, individual purchase of theme trinkets 

P.S. Yep, we also offer Children's Parties