Party Themes

Marie Cadieux, © Cadieux Creations
Forget the paper hats and streamers — dive body and soul into your fantasy persona of choice.

  • *Flapper Fete —You'll be the cat's meow when you host a clandestine speakeasy
  • *Moulin Rouge Spectacle — Enjoy the dark side of the city of lights as a Parisian showgirl
  • *Gypsy Jamboree — Set your spirit free in this unbridled and boisterous get-together
  • Pin-Up Play Date! — Enjoy a golden age glamover and get ready to say cheese...cake
  • Manners Mavens — Social etiquette instruction, proving once and for all that manners not only matter, but can be fun! [a good precursor to the Charm Class and HospitaliTea tutorial]
  • *Charm Class — Never went to finishing school?  Not to worry. We'll teach you how to walk, how to talk, how to charm and how to get your man!
  • HospitaliTea — Learn how to really do tea, whether as chef and hostess or at the poshest of hotel lounges

Exotic Beauties
  • *Genie Dreams — a quixotic sojourn into the ephemeral realm of the enigmatic djinn
  • *Bollywood Bash — nothing short of over-the-top colorful exuberance!
  • *Island Hukilau — much different than going to a luau, this paradisal party let's you live like a native, at least for an hour or two
  • Courtesan CI — learn the language of the fan and flowers in this event that is rife with courtly intrigue and cattiness
  • Geisha Gakkou — you'll want to devote extra time to this rich and exotic genre as you delve into the world of the Maiko as she cultivates her charms and talents to become a bona fide geisha

Nature Nymphs
  • *Inside the Faerie Ring — grab your wings and prepare to be converted to a believer
  • * Mermaid Moments — depending on water access, this event may include an informal aquatic photoshoot. If an hour isn't enough and you wish to truly immerse yourself in this lifestyle, consider attending our Pacific Mermaid Camp or Atlantic Mermaid Cruise 

*Asterisk denotes a theme that begs for dancing.
Most parties include lore and language, customs & crafts as befit the occasion.